Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16

When Robbie was very little, I loved my Moby wrap. It allowed me to go hands free while carrying him around.

As he's gotten older and heavier, we've used it less and less. He usually prefers to be running around anyway. I occasionally break it out if we're out and about and I don't feel like dragging the stroller with us. We do get the occasional odd look, mostly from moms who can't believe I'm still lugging him around, but I still find it easier than the stroller in the right situation.

On Tuesday, Robbie was super clingy. He's been having trouble napping at daycare and Tuesday was the worse- 20 minutes all day! By the time we got home, he was just overtired and cranky. I ended up giving him a short evening nap (which he hasn't done in months) but even after he woke up, he still was just whiny and refused to be put down.

David was at a meeting for work so I was on my own trying to get evening chores done. After the 3rd or 4th failed try to entertain him with toys, I thought I'd try the Moby. SUCCESS! He was happy and my hands were free!

A friend had recently wondered what a 23 pound baby looked like in a Moby, so I made sure to get some shots.

I just need snuggled, mom.

But I'll help you take a picture.

I tried to put him down again a bit later- no luck. So then we tried a front carry. Happy again!



Jen said...

He looks very content. :)

Amy said...

Aww. :) I'm so impressed you still make that work! (I never tried the forward-facing carry though; I think that might work better.)

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics!

baby carrier said...

Thats one darling baby boy you have there....seems to be enjoying the moby wrap too !