Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Claus

As if quarantine doesn't suck enough, it means no pictures with Santa. We certainly can't run out to the mall surrounded by sick people and little germ factories children.

Fortunately we were blessed to be invited to a NICU graduate friendly home for pictures with Santa!

Gavin's parents (Carrie & Todd) graciously invited a bunch of the NICU babies to their home for a true milestone-our first meeting with Santa Claus!

I'm pleased to report that none of the babies cried at Santa. Though it was a room filled with preemies- there was much puke to be found.

We had a great time. It was great to catch up with everyone and to be amongst people who really get us.

A huge thank you to Gavin and his family for including us.

Without further ado- PICTURES!

Hi Santa! I was a good boy this year!

Hmm. I think Gavin must be related to Santa. Santa looks a lot like Gavin's grandpa!

If mommy leaves you cookies, will you leave me a tummy that doesn't burn?

Mommy says she was a good girl this year, too. She'd also like me to have a tummy that doesn't burn.

My first girlfriend! Elizabeth Grace & her mom Laura

I think Lola is pretty!

I'm sleepy but no way I'm going to miss a thing.

I'm just takin' it all in from the comforta of mommy's arms.

Friends rule

Wait! We've left out my two best girls. Mommy says it's because we didn't think of it in time, but I think that's a crappy excuse. I'm outta here!

Damn, they caught me and blocked me. I've got to work on that crawling thing.

Right after I eat this nummy bib

Small, Medium, Large & Extra Tall



Valerie said...

Robbie is just the most adorable thing!

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