Thursday, March 5, 2009


We're home!!

Robbie successfully digested full feeds today.

We finally got released after about 4:00 this afternoon. It took a little time to get the paperwork done and get everything settled but we finally headed home around 6:30.

It's GREAT to be home. Robbie has his swing. I have my TiVo. Life is good.

So far Robbie's eating is about the same as it was before the surgery. I wish we were seeing a big improvement, but at least now we have the tube and know he can be nourished w/o having to constantly worry about him ripping the tube out. (It can still be pulled out, but it's much more difficult to do and easier to keep him away from.)

Now we just try to get back as normal a life as possible.



The Bunch Family said...

Yeah! Happy Homecoming! Glad you finally got's to not going back! I hope as the anesthesia effects wear off, he'll get more of an appetite!

Anonymous said...

Robbie is the strongest person ever (he must get that from his mom ::wink::)! I'm so glad you are home & I'll continue to hope & pray that all goes well <3

xoxo, Bees