Sunday, June 21, 2009

Then and Now

The day that Robbie was born was not the typical excitement filled event that most people think of when they think of the birth of a child.

My morning had started with symptoms leading the doctors to believe that I was nearing both organ failure and a stroke. We had about an hour between being told the time had come and actually making it to the OR for the C-section.

David and I were both terrified. No one could even guarantee that Robbie would survive birth and what would come after was greatly unknown.

Once we got into the operating room, things were mostly quiet. We didn't know if we were having a boy or girl, though I was convinced he was a girl, (and called him "she" for the 6 months I was pregnant- sorry, Robbie.) so there was even more unknown.

I was completely drugged up both from meds for the surgery and meds to keep me from seizing or stroking, and was pretty out of it. David was just quiet. Neither of us spoke much.

When they pulled Robbie from my belly, I heard one doctor quietly say "He's out." Before I could process the pronoun "he", the same doctor said, in a more excited tone, "Oh yeah! It's a boy."

My first thought was surprise. I'd been so sure he was a girl. I thought "really? A boy? I'll be darned."

But David.... David leaned down and whispered in my ear "It's a boy." I wasn't sure if he wanted to make sure I'd heard or if he was telling himself. But I knew he was proud. You could hear the emotion in his voice. More emotion than I'd ever heard from him.

Before I could even respond, he followed it with "I wish my dad was here to see this." Then he bowed his head and sobbed. Joy for his son and sorrow for his dad.

Watching him be a dad and knowing he learned from an amazing one has been incredible.

Here's to fathers everywhere.

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