Friday, October 2, 2009

Another Video & quick update

A quick note to say that Robbie has yet ANOTHER ear infection. He's now on round #4 of antibiotics in the last 8 weeks. He's finally off the breathing treatments, which is good, though.

The doc is having him take a full dose of aug.mentin for 5 days, then lowering to a maintenance dose all the way through his tube surgery (October 14) in the hopes that we kick this one and keep him infection free until then.

Man, this ear thing is tiring. I can only imagine how poor Robbie feels. Though you'd never know it. He did wake up pretty upset Wednesday night (which I've learned is a pretty good sign of another ear infection) and was pretty flushed that morning (just not seeming quite "right") but beyond that, he was happy and playing and perky just like always. I swear, he's freakishly good natured. He definitely didn't get that from me.

And another random video involving banging objects. He also went through a weeklong phase where saying "nanu nanu" and a slurping sound was hysterical. I always love it when something random starts cracking him up.