Monday, April 19, 2010

Robbie Can

I fell down on the job taking a photo for a few days. So I thought we'd do a check in on what Robbie has been up to lately.

He's finally starting to pick up a few new words and we're loving it. My personal favorite is "Thank you." He says it when you hand him anything and most of the time when he hands you something.

Other new words:

Dog (dog-dog)
Diaper (didee)
Car (car-car)

He's getting really good at meowing back at the kitties when they "talk". Sometimes he'll tell me that a kitty says meow if I ask, but he really gets going when they start carrying on.

He is signing "eat" and I'm pretty sure he used it the other day to ask for a cracker. I almost fell over.

One of the absolutely cutest things he's doing a lot of is blowing kisses. When I take him to daycare in the morning, I tell him I have to go to work and he blows me kisses and waves (and sometimes shuts the door on me, but I can't win them all.)

He's still completely in love with the cats. If he can catch them, he tackles and hugs them until they can't take any more love.

He also loves the new baby at daycare. He'll stop what he's doing to get into the floor to lay his head on her and give her a hug. Tell me that doesn't melt your heart.

He is trying to run and jump. His run is still a bit more of a fast (VERY FAST) walk and his jump is really just bending and straightening his legs. But when he jumps he'll say "DEE!" which I guess is supposed to be "jump!" You definitely can't turn your back on him these days. As soon as he sees the garage door open, he takes off for the end of the driveway. Soon he'll be shouting "Freedom!"

He does already say "ah-sigh" (outside) and yesterday when I had to retrieve him from the porch at daycare he screamed at had a tantrum because he had to come back inside.

He recently had an IFSP meeting with his therapy team. We're dropping developmental therapy to once a month and picking up both speech and feeding therapy. Both will be with a SLP (speech-language pathologist) once a week. I'm dreading try to schedule four therapist a week and five one week per month, but I'm hoping it won't be for long. He's made incredible strides particularly in his gross motor skills, so hopefully soon we can drop PT, or at least scale it back.

It seems like it's something new every day and we're loving almost every minute. (There are some minutes where he's purposely testing how far he can push his luck that maybe aren't so fun.) But this age is overall extremely fun and there's only more on the way.