Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The last few months, we've been really focusing on trying to motivate Robbie to drink. We did a week long wean where we didn't tube him at all, trying to drive thirst to get him to drink. He wasn't able to drink enough to keep himself hydrated, but it definitely has sparked an interest. Previous to this, we were lucky to get him to drink an ounce or two a week, sometimes even a month. These days he drinks several ounces every day. He still prefers water to anything, which is a challenge because he really needs the calories of milk or juice, but it's so good to see him want to drink. We just continue to follow his lead and hope that someday soon we won't need his tube at all.

This is an infa-trainer cup he's drinking out of. It was definitely our gateway cup. It's definitely recommended for anyone trying to teach a child to drink from a cup.