Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's march

I don't know if I can say again how much the March of Dimes has meant to my family. There are only so many ways to say "They helped save our son's life." A few days after Robbie was born we were down visiting him in the NICU. I was still admitted to the hospital myself, but this was the first day I was able to walk (albeit slowly) down to see him. This particular day stands out very clearly in my mind. The NICU almost seemed to have a special glow that day. As we left the NICU to go back to my room, I remarked to David that I felt almost like I could see angel's wings on the backs of the nurses in the unit that day. They were literally doing God's work.

That is how I feel about the March of Dimes still. They are doing God's work. The research that they help fund has lead to breakthrough after breakthrough which has improved survival rates of babies born as early as Robbie, along with countless other accomplishments dating back to their original mission to cure polio.

That day in the NICU, I told David that if we hit the lottery, we were designating a large portion of money to the angels doing God's work. Unfortunately those winning lotto numbers are still eluding us. The next best thing I can think to do is to raise money. I'm not a public figure. We're not celebrities. We're just a regular family hoping to make a difference. The best way we know how to do that is to march. We are going to march for babies.

Team Remarkable Robbie is now seeking walkers and donors. Please join us as we seek to do God's work. Our march is April 30 in Forest Park, St. Louis, MO. We hope to see you there!