Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ear Tubes: The Sequel

Robbie's first set of ear tubes fell out in December. We had hoped that by that point, he would be able to get by without them. Unfortunately, not only did he end up with a couple of ear infections over the next few months, but he also failed his hearing exam a few months after that. At the time of his hearing test, he did have fluid in his ears (but no infection) and the thought was that it was keeping him from being able to hear well. It was also suggested that we could take his adenoid out at the same time, which might help. So we went for our 2nd set of tubes.

Grandpa showing Robbie around. 

Dr. Elliot, our anesthesiologist, checks Robbie's lungs.

Grandpa and Robbie learn about the ocean while we wait.

Mommy's turn to entertain.

Passing some time with Daddy, too.

The nurse is hear with the happy drugs.

Getting sleepy now.

Can't even hold my head up.

And I'm out.

Back from surgery, not a happy boy. Waking up took about an hour.

We got through it okay. All dressed and ready for discharge.

Just waiting for our ride home. Done!


Tasha said...

Any advice for a fellow mama that will be going through this soon?

David, Trish and Robbie Cox said...

Tasha, just be aware that the hour post-surgery is the worst of it.
the worry leading up is awful, but the procedure itself is no big deal at all.
His first surgery, the tubes literally took less than 10 minutes.
This one included adenoid removal, so it took a little longer, but still quick.
He's an angry badger when he's waking up, so be prepared to be patient, but once that hour passes and she's all the way awake, you're golden. He took a longer than average nap in the afternoon.
He was crying out when he'd burp that first day, so we kept him dosed with tylenol this time, but the next day he was totally fine!