Saturday, April 30, 2011

March for Babies

April 30 was our 2nd annual March for Babies walk. Team Remarkable Robbie raised $1925 to help save babies. The day was lovely. Once again, seeing everyone's shirts, seeing everyone united for such a worthy cause was very moving. The bigger kids with their shirts that announced they, too, had been a preemie was very inspiring. It was a special day. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and supported us.

It's an early morning, but Robbie is ready to go.

Becky was a preemie 20+ years ago in the same NICU Robbie was in. 

Our unofficial team photographer, Leanne

Olivia & Aaron

Josh, Gabe & Carrie 

Team Remarkable Robbie, minus a few runners. 

Three generations.

Grandpa and Robbie made it to mile 2. (We somehow missed the 1 mile marker!)

Lisa ran the 5k before the walk, then doubled back to join us for the walk. That's love. 

 Some entertainment for the kids along the route.

Mile 3, the end is in sight!

Most of the gang rolling into the end.

We made it! 

Thanks so much again. We couldn't do it without you!