Friday, September 5, 2008


He's home!!

He's home!!


We spent the night in the hospital "rooming in." Essentially we had a room down the hall from the NICU. They brought his crib down to our room and we took care of him. The nurse brought us bottles at feeding time because there are no fridges in the rooms, but the rest was us.

I won't claim to have gotten much sleep, but it was great to be with him all night.

This morning we got up and fed him, then set about getting everything ready. We had discharge instructions and papers to sign. We had lots of stuff to pack up (96 days in the hospital accumulates a lot of stuff) and details to finish.

We told everyone goodbye. I cried.

We had one last lunch in the hospital cafeteria.

Then it was time to go.

They wheeled me out in a wheelchair just like a new mom.

We loaded the car and were on our way.

We got home around 3pm and tried to settle in.

Robbie didn't miss a beat. At one point I sat on the twin bed in his room to feed him and he woke up enough to look around. You could see him taking it all in- "Hey.... this is new..." but he didn't seem upset or unsettled. And then he smiled. Probably just coincidental gas, but at least he didn't seem to mind the change.

he's slept very well today. He didn't eat much at one feeding, but all the rest have been great. He seems to know that he can now be held as much as he wants. He'll only lay in his crib or swing for a few minutes before he fusses. The minute he's back in our arms, he's happy again.

This is the way it was meant to be.