Friday, September 26, 2008


My original showers were planned for June & July, respectively.
Since wee Robbie graced us with his presence long before then, things got rescheduled.

Sadly, because Robbie can't really travel these days, the shower planned for David's hometown just couldn't be rearranged.

But the local one was this past Sunday!

There was a bit of a snafu at the beginning- it seems the restaurant it was being held at closed the location we were expecting. So when the hostesses arrived to decorate the sign said "CLOSED."

The restaurant had, instead, booked the party at an alternate location. So everyone set about getting the guests (most of whom were already en route) to the correct place.

But once we got there, everything was great!

We're very blessed to have such amazing friends and family. I'd never had a shower before- having chosen not to have one when we got married- so it was all new to me.

I'm usually the shower thrower- not the shower throwee. It was so strange not to be the one running around planning, decorating, hosting & cleaning up. I didn't even have to load the gifts into my car! While I was gabbing everyone did it for me!

It was great to have some social interaction. It was the most I'd had since Robbie was born. It was so wonderful to see everyone.

Here are some pictures of the event.



And a bonus picture of Robbie: