Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pro Pics

My birthday present from my dad this year were professional pictures.

We had our session this past Saturday.

The photographer was wonderfully patient. (And in a small-world-isn't-it moment, it turns out we went to the same high school.)

Robbie did pretty well considering I woke him to get him ready and by the end of the session he was starving. (It was one of those days where he ate every 2 hours or so ALL DAY LONG.)

These are just the sneak peak pictures. The rest will be ready in a week or so. I'm so pleased.

He's so beautiful.



Two Hands said...

All I can think when I see these photos is how grateful I am. Grateful that he has come so far and grateful to be a teeny part of this journey. He is beautiful, just like his hard-working Mom. Thank you.

Alexis Bunch said...

Wow! What a present...these are absolutely gorgeous! Way to go Dad!

Aunt Patti said...

What a strong and couragous little miracle-boy! He's so beautiful. So very happy for all of you -

Much love, Uncle Gary & Aunt Patti