Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stomach update

Robbie had a follow up appointment at the GI specialist today.

We met with the nurse practitioner. She has 26weeker twins. We bonded it was good.

She completely changed his meds. Instead of Mylanta, he'll get a prescription form that should work a little better. And instead of Pepcid, she prescribed Prevacid.

Apparently my insurance doesn't cover formulary Prevacid, though. So that's still being worked out between the pharmacy and doctor's office. I'll make some calls tomorrow to try to urge things along.

The frustrating part is that his weight gain wasn't quite up to what we would have liked. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great.

Ideal would be a gain of an ounce/day. Acceptable is 1/2 ounce/day. He only gained 6 oz in 16 days. That puts him at 6lb 15oz.

Hopefully the new drugs will do the trick and he'll start eating better. Right now, he eats about 3/4 of his bottle and switches into what David calls "full combat mode." He arches his back, flails his hands, fights against the bottle. He is clearly still hungry, but the actual act of eating hurts. Sometimes even as he's eating, you can hear the war waging in his esophagus- food trying to go down as it also tries to come back up.

It's a pretty common problem in babies and even more common in preemies. We're hoping he'll outgrow it soon. Many babies outgrow it around 3 months- even more around 6 months. But we all know that Robbie does things on his own schedule.

He's 9w adjusted now. It'd be really nice to have things drastically improve in the next 3 weeks or so.

Keep your fingers crossed!