Thursday, April 2, 2009

Exciting day

It was an exciting day in Robbieland today. And he didn't even have to leave the house.

We started our morning with a visit from an old friend.

Lexi was one of Robbie's friends from the NICU. She was born about 6 weeks after Robbie, but wasn't quite as early, so her adjusted age is about a month ahead. Though Lexi's mom and I have kept in touch since we were released, we hadn't actually seen each other since September. Since Lexi and Robbie aren't really into the phone or email yet, they've been out of touch. Today they got reacquainted.

Truth be told, it might have been more fun for the mommies than the babies. After months of seclusion, I'm glad to see adult faces. The fact that it was a face who truly understands the challenges and joys of a fragile child (one who also doesn't like to eat, as it happens) made it even better.

The kiddos mostly ogled each other toys, while the mommies compared notes on child rearing. Lexi has all the same doctors as Robbie (pediatrician & GI doc. We've even used the same surgeon a time or two) so we had a lot to compare notes on. It was really nice to talk to someone who both understands the lingo and the emotions involved in raising a preemie.

Robbie then took an afternoon nap. He occasionally sleeps with his eyes partly open. It's actually a little creepy. I think he likes to keep us on our toes wondering if he's really awake or not. Plus he doesn't want to miss anything.

Before he could even wake up from his nap, we had a visit from a physical therapist for an evaluation. Jenny did a thorough check of Robbie's skills and wrote a report.

Unfortunately, he scored a bit further behind than we were really expecting, but she did comment that he seemed to be on the cusp of a lot of skills, so hopefully with a little therapy to help him along, he'll be caught up soon.

The evaluation is broken down into 3 categories, and his gross development aged him as follows:

Reflexes: 5 months
Stationary: 2 months
Mobility: 4 months

As Robbie is 10 months actual and 7 months adjusted, that was a little hard to see in black & white. We knew he wasn't doing some things we'd like to see (rolling from back to front and sitting, for example) but didn't realize some of the other things (specifically moving his head and hands in certain ways) were behind as well.

She did say that he had strong fine motor skills and liked a lot of his footwork, so it wasn't all bad. And in a bright spot, he did start rolling from front to back yesterday, so that eased the sting a little.

She wants to begin physical therapy once a week starting in probably 2. In the meantime she showed me some things to work on with him and we started those tonight. Hopefully by the time she's back to start the therapy he's already made some progress.



The Bunch Family said...

We had a great time!! Thanks for having us over. Don't worry about those OT/PT...Robbie will get there on his own pace! He is so cute!

happymomof2 said...

Glad that you got some understanding adult interaction- I know that, that is important and as a stay at home more I crave it with two healty little ones so I can only imagine that your really need it and crave it too:)
As for the physical therapy I am glad that he will be getting it! I am a developmental interventionist and wanted to help "relieve" some of the stress it sounds like the eval brought on. First of all you have to remember some of the "hand" skills he hasn't yet developed I am guessing are the ones that go along with "eating" like grasping tiny objects (such as peans, or cheerios etc...) so in time he will get those and yes he is "behind" but given all that he has been through I think he is remarkable:) Also the rolling over bit yes they expect that earlier however if you talk to some pediatricians they will agree that now other skills are coming before the rolling due to babies are spending less time on their bellies than they use to (back to sleep etc...) and so they don't expect or get "concerned" until 6-8 months. And I know this coment is long but lastly each child is unique and develops differently all you can do is help him with his skills and embrace his abilities. Like I said Robbie is a remarkable kiddo for all he has been through and he is SOOOO darn CUTE too!!!!
Hang in there we are rooting for you all and thinking about you! God Bless

Two Hands said...

Hey! I sleep with my eyes open too. He's a lot cuter than I am when he does it though (of that, I am sure).

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