Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If at first you don't succeed

So there is a little boy out in blogland who had surgery today. His name Stellan and in support of him, his momma asked that everyone wear orange today to support him.

Well, Robbie is nothing if not supportive, so he wore his favorite spring outfit which just so happens to contain a lot of orange.

As his mom, it was my job to document the event. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, this is how it went.

I thought Hmm, this should be simple. I'll just make a sign and take a picture.

Hmm, well, that's not bad, but maybe I could get a better look on his face and the sign could be straight.

I'll just put the sign over here.. Hey Robbie.. Robbie..Look over here, baby...

Hmm.. Maybe if I put the sign on the other side.. oh crap.. Robbie, honey, let go..

Okay, maybe I'LL hold the sign up.. Well, crud. Robbie, baby.. don't cry. This is supposed to be fun.

Well, that's better, but the sign has seen better days.. and well, you can't see Robbie's orange outfit, which was the whole point.. What next?

Okay, let's put the sign off to the side a little.. Yes, baby, I'm glad you like the paper..

Uh oh.

Okay, I give up.

At least Robbie's amused.

I wonder how many calories paper and ink has?

In the end, we sent Stellan the original.
Get well soon, Stellan!


Amy said...

Ooh I love the new blog design! And Robbie's favorite outfit. :) And the pics and commentary ... and "Robbie is nothing if not supportive." That just made me grin.