Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brief update with pics

Not much to report, really. Robbie's been very clingy and a little cranky. I think he's working on his top teeth. Still no signs of them breaking through, but they're swollen for the umpteenth time.

I like the extra snuggles, though I must confess that after several hours of insisting on being held, naptime or bedtime is a welcome reprieve. He weighs 18 1/2 pounds now- he gets heavy!

He officially hates a toy for the first time. It's a toy we gave him for Easter. He loves part of it. It makes an obnoxious repeating noise when you hit a button. He'll hit that button 20 times in a row. But the other part of the toy, you pull a lever and it plays a song. Every time you play the song? He cries. I mean, full out, sad-with-tears cries. It's bizarre and a little funny.

It takes a few minutes to calm him down afterward. I'd post a video of it, but I don't want to make him cry on purpose.

You'll have to settle for pictures.

I don't think he actually consumed any food here, but at least he had fun.


Playing with the blinds.

I love my puppy.

A bubble bath in the big tub!



The Bunch Family said...

He is getting so big!! Yeah, Robbie!

ONE OUT OF SIX said...

Trish I have been following your blog since you gave birth ... haven't checked in a few weeks though - and to read that Robbie weighs 18 AND A HALF POUNDS now is just - awesome. Just so awesome. He looks WONDERFUL. Chubby and healthy and so beautiful. You're such a good mom. I know you still have hurdles to jump together, you and Robbie but holy cow - look at him now. What a beautiful BIG boy he is growing into - that tiny peanut who just could NOT gain weight for so long. And he is just blooming. I'm going on and on because it makes me so happy. Yay Robbie and MOMMY!! You're kickin' butt.

ONE OUT OF SIX said...
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