Monday, July 27, 2009

Nineteen and counting

Robbie has now broken 19 pounds. If only he weren't so wiggly, I'd measure him. He's definitely growing. He has very few 3-6 month clothes left that fit. He's solidly into 6-9 month clothes.

He's working on the new sound "na na na" and has been making funnier facial expressions including a scrunched up face that I think is supposed to be a cute smile and a grimace that is pretty funny.

Tonight I caught him using his index finger to spin a toy. Love those fine motor skills!

I'm wondering if his top teeth are EVER going to come in. He's been working on them for months, but the last 2 weeks we've had several days where he just seemed downright miserable and is chewing on everything. He even had a low-grade fever most of today. Fortunately he's still in a good mood, though he's not sleeping terribly well.

This weekend he got to spend time with his great grandma and great-great aunt Hazel. He was a constant source of entertainment for all.

Of course, he's still handsome as all get out.

Is this thing on?

I'm learning how to put things in and take things out. Mommy thinks this is pretty cool.

Good doggy.

My OT brought me the tastiest therapy toy!

There's a toy in there!

Carnac the Magnificant says "the answer is....."

Everybody shout! shout!

Garcon! Garcon! Service please!

My new frustrated face.

here kitty, kitty.

A very short video of Robbie demonstrating his new grimace.



The Bunch Family said...

Congrats on the 19 pounds!! Not too much longer, and you can turn him around in the car seat. Go, Robbie!!

Brenda said...

Its amazing how far Robbie has come. He is an incredibly little boy & I love watching him grow!


Brenda said...

um yeah *incredible - not incredibly!