Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We spent the weekend with Robbie's grandma and had a great time.

There was an ugly incident with a diaper explosion at Lambert's, but we survived without bloodshed. (Though I did consider it with the steady stream of people coming through the bathroom who couldn't be bothered to help the mother with the screaming, naked child get a paper towel out of a jammed dispenser.)

Unfortunately, I haven't been my usual shutterbug self the last week so I don't have a lot of pictures to share. (Hey, there could have been pictures of Robbie naked and screaming in a public bathroom! Count your blessings!)

On a brighter note, the boy has surpassed a big mark- twenty pounds! He gained FOUR pounds in the month of July. Goal is 1 lb/month. Ideal is 2 lb/month. So this is amazing. I haven't increased his caloric intake in weeks, he's actually now getting much closer to a normal amount of calories.

Normal, healthy infants usually take 100 kcal/kilo. There is a 20 calorie span either way that they should fall between. In the past we've had to keep Robbie at AT LEAST 120 calories/kilo to gain a reasonable amount of weight. It's been very hard because the more you feed him, the more he pukes. That, in turn, makes it harder for him to gain weight, and of course, then you need to feed him more and he pukes more.

With his massive weight gain this month, he's now getting about 96 kcal/kilo. Back in Robbie's NICU days, this would have led to either zero weight gain or a weight loss, so this is truly amazing!

The last few weeks, we've established a feeding routine that has significantly reduced his vomiting. Most of his feedings are now pumping in over 75-90 minutes. He is much pukier in the mornings, so that one goes in over about 3 hours (and he still pukes most mornings) but the daytime routine isn't so exhaustive.

Now instead of puking 15-20 times/day (which we did for months on end), it's more like 2-4 times/day. I realize most people would think "wow, he pukes every day?" but for us, that's miraculous. It's mostly in the morning, or if he gets too active while being fed.

The time involved in getting the feedings in can be challenging, but it's working and totally worth it. He also seems to be almost completely pain free (obviously puking isn't much fun, but he pukes and it's over, rather than screaming in agony for 45 minutes at a time.)

We're definitely nowhere near "normal" but the relief that comes with not having to watch him in constant pain makes us feel so much closer.

Obviously it's working because keeping those calories in him instead of puking them out is obviously working. Robbie is downright pudgy these days! It's getting challenging lugging him around, particularly in the carseat. I've never been so happy to be giving my muscles a workout, though.

I don't have a lot of pictures to prove it, but hopefully this will hold you over until I can get some more. I promise to do better this week.

Talking to my doggy.

Getting a "cookie" from my cookie jar.

A morning snack- a syringe!



Christie & Roger said...

4 pounds?!!! That is awesome! Way to go Robbie!