Monday, August 24, 2009


Friday night, Robbie spent 2 hours in misery. I didn't really know what was going on. He was spitting up a bit, and generally acting miserable, but nothing was obvious. We were up from 2-4am. He then slept in until 9:30.

Unfortunately, when I got him up, he was burning up. 100.6 under the arm. Uh-oh. He was also super whiney and would not be put down at all. Definitely out of character.

I called the doctor. Fortunately our pediatrician has Saturday hours (the doctors take a rotation) so we headed in.

I really liked the covering doctor, which was a surprise. Not that I've ever actively disliked any of them, but I do feel like sometimes they dismiss the seriousness of his prematurity, and tend to rush. Not so on Saturday. She asked good questions and seemed to actually listen to the answers. She was great with Robbie (who cried the entire time. His doctor phobia is fully enacted.) His lungs were clear, which was a relief. His right ear, however, wasn't as lucky. She said "well, it's full of pus." Yum. Leftie was full of fluid, though not actively infected yet.

We left with a prescription for an antibiotic.

Once we filled the prescription and headed home, Robbie was ready for a nap. He whined all the way through Target because I couldn't hold him every. single. second. so I was ready for his nap, too.

We've kept him dosed with Tylenol and Motrin every 4 & 6 hours, respectively, but until this afternoon, couldn't get his temp below about 100 degrees under the arm.

He's been fairly pukey and had a bit of a clear runny nose as well. I suspect the drainage from his ear is creating havoc in his whole system.

Fortunately tonight, his fever seems to have broken. He was 98.7 earlier and he no longer feels like a hot coal. Gross rocks of what I assume is dried up pus are coming out of his ear, but he doesn't seem to be in any pain. His mood was better tonight and so far, he's sleeping well.

Funny, I was worried about germs at daycare, and he gets something that isn't contagious.

Of course, this means that he can't go to daycare tomorrow. (Have to be free of fever for 24 hours first) so I'll be using a vacation day to stay home with him.

Maybe it's all just a ploy to get me to stay home, huh? I bet the doctor's in on it.