Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tubes Tomorrow

Just a quick drop in to say that Robbie's ear tubes are going in tomorrow morning. Surgery is scheduled for 10:10 am. It's a 5-10 minute procedure. They don't even give an IV or intubate for it, they just gas them through. HOPEFULLY that means we'll be home very shortly after the surgery.

However, Robbie and anesthesia are not friends. His first surgery he took 3 days to come off the ventilator (thus shortening his mother's life by at least 5 years) and the 2nd surgery which was supposed to be outpatient ended up as 1 night in the PICU and 2 nights on the peds floor.

I have an overnight bag packed just in case. I will very gleefully unpack it tomorrow evening if we get to come home, but if not, I'm prepared. I've sent David home to pack in a hurry way too many times. I do not wish to repeat that ever again.

Prayers for smooth sailing & quick wake up very appreciated!



Cassie said...

Prayers for you guys. I hope everything is going well and that in the next hour things are done and over with.