Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Party

Robbie's actual birthday is May 31, which landed on Memorial Day this year. But because our extended families were traveling to see him, we decided to have his b-day party on Saturday so everyone could attend.

We kept is pretty small this year. Last year Robbie had just come off of quarantine so it was a combo birthday/coming-out party and it got a little crazy. But this year we decided to keep it just immediate family and invited of friend his age for him to play with.

This year our theme was Handy Manny as it is Robbie's favorite cartoon. It is often the only thing that will get him to settle down and eat, so we're pretty grateful for it. 

Enjoying a book while we wait for party time.

Alright. I'm ready to party.

My guests have arrived. Olivia brought refreshments.

How YOU doin'?

I'm too cool for my t-shirt. (Custom made by Olivia's mom, Leanne.)

Look, my grandma is here!

It's a Robert thing. You wouldn't understand.

Daddy tries to contain me.


Livi helps open presents.

Is that thing real?

Back outside to play. My new mower will make sure the yard looks nice.

Livi says anything a man can do, she can do better. Gloria Steinem would be proud.

Robbie wanted nothing to do with the pool/sandbox. Good thing Livi knows where the real fun is.

Very refreshing.

Time for cake! The unbelievable hand-made creation made by our friend Lisa. (She did last year's Nemo cake as well.) The tools are all cookies. The cake is chocolate with butter cream icing. The handle is rice krispy treats.

Happy birthday to me!

Mommy helps me blow out the candles.

Things are winding down now. Revisiting some gifts with my great-grandma. 

My great-great aunt Hazel sneaks a snuggle in.

My uncle Bradley spent my entire party putting my new toy kitchen together. Mommy says he's a saint. 

And look, he even saved the box for me!

Half a toy store worth of toys and the best thing I have is a piece of plastic to chew on. 

Thanks for coming everyone! Let's dance!



Georgy said...

Happy belated b-day Robbie!! I absolutely LUV the cake, very cute.

Azaera said...

Wow he is so adorable!! And that cake is fabulous. I love Handy Manny too.

The Bunch Family said...

Love the lawn mower!! Happy Birthday Robbie!