Friday, May 21, 2010


To make up for some days when I don't have decent photos of Robbie, let's have some recent videos.

He's really in book mode these days. He'll bring us a book, stick it in our hand and say "do!" And when the story is over, he immediately wants to hear it again. His favorite is "Tumble Bumble" which both David and I now know by heart. You also get to hear a tiny bit of his signature Squeal Of Frustration. David and I are considering upping our home owner's policy to cover glass breakage.

This is Robbie's favorite toy. It's a great toy, but also incredibly loud. (WHY do manufacturers make toys w/o off switches or volume control?) It has two leapfrog characters on the front which sing songs, a honking horn, gear shift and turn-key which make noise and some pop up colored shapes which intermittently reply with their color, or shape (counting sides as well.) This particular day every time it would say "blue" he would crack up laughing. He kept hitting the blue star until it would say blue so he could giggle some more.

This one is just a show case of the various words, signs & body parts that Robbie knows these days. He gets very quiet around strangers, and even around people he knows but doesn't see every day (his therapists, for example.) But at home, he's definitely soaking up the knowledge.