Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glimpses of hope

Robbie still rarely drinks anything. Most days we consider it a success if he lets us keep a cup on his tray. He's made huge strides in his eating, but liquids are still a great challenge.

However, occasionally we get a glimpse of hope. It's usually a hot day when he's been running around, though not always. But he'll just grab the cup and start to drink. It's never a lot. Sometimes it's a few sips, maybe an ounce. This particularly day, though, it was a few.

It was a very warm day and the kids were playing outside at daycare. Robbie came in and grabbed another boy's cup and started to drink. They gave him his own and he kept drinking. When David arrived to pick him up, he wouldn't give up the cup even to get into the car. When he got home, he kept going, eventually draining it. He wouldn't let go to have it refilled, so David just got him another.

Because of his lack of experience, he's not very good at it, and he certainly got more on himself than in him, but he was having a good time and no way would we stop him. I got home from work to find this waiting for me. It was a great day!



The Bunch Family said...

That's great news...we'll keep our fingers crossed that every day you come home to a soaked Robbie!