Friday, August 22, 2008

Out of surgery

Just a quick update.

He's out of surgery.
Turns out he also had 2 inguinal hernias that were repaired as well.

He had 7 incisions- four for the hiatal hernia repair, one for the G tube placement, and two for the two inguinal hernias.

He's still pretty much out cold. He's starting to stir just a little bit, but not breathing on his own yet. They just turned his ventilator down a little bit because he was actually doing "too good" on it. Basically the saturation of CO2 in his blood was so low that his brain doesn't think he needs to breathe. So letting his CO2 go a little higher will hopefully signal that a little sooner.

They say probably by morning.

He did well in the surgeries from what they can tell.

Now we just wait for the breathing to start. I hate to will him to wake up because I know he's going to be sore, but I also HATE seeing that ventilator breathing for him. Hopefully by this time tomorrow, he'll be breathing on his own and we'll be back in our old room in the newer NICU.

Keep praying.