Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hello and welcome to Robbie's blog.

It seems our little boy is very popular these days. In an attempt to keep everyone as up-to-date as possible, we thought we'd start a blog to chronicle his journey.

Robbie was born on May 31st, 2008 and 11:22am. He was 14 weeks early due to me (Trish) having severe pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia is a condition caused by pregnancy that causes high blood pressure. There are several elements involved, but essentially, my blood pressure was so high (hovering around 200/100) that they were concerned I would have a stroke. Not only would that be very bad for me, but also would have been very bad for Robbie. After my symptoms worsened, the doctors became convinced I was on the verge of a stroke and Robbie was born via classic C section.

During my short hospital bed rest, I did a lot of writing. I was on a lot of very strong drugs to try to prevent a seizure or stroke and I was a bit woozy. I was afraid that between the overwhelming emotions and the drugs, I wouldn't remember everything from those days so I did my best to keep track of them.

In the coming days, I'll post some snippets of those writings for anyone wondering what the days surrounding Robbie's birth were like.

But mostly, this will be a blog about Robbie's growth & progress. We hope you enjoy it.