Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Path

Well, he's finally breathing more on his own today.
They've lowered his vent settings quite a bit and said they think he will probably come off the vent tonight.
It essentially measures the breaths he's taking on his own, then if he goes too long w/o taking one, it will give it to him. It's not having to do that very often- mostly when he's squirming quite a bit and sort of holding his breath.
He's definitely more back to himself today. He's a wee bit cranky, actually. You can tell he really wants this tube out of his mouth. He's coughing quite a bit. Just from surgery and being too still and not being awake enough to cough or clear his throat, he gets gunk in there. Moving around is good for him.

I hate to be happy that he's cranky, but I am.

One of his laparoscopy wounds was leaking a bit of fluid earlier and scared me. Everyone was running around admitting an extremely early & tiny (earlier and smaller than Robbie was) and I hated to have to ask for help but finally did. It was just body fluid coming from one of the wounds. We had just replaced his bedding so had moved him around quite a bit. They think we maybe opened one of his wounds a bit and let some fluid leak out. It creeped me out, but apparently it's not unusual.

Keep us in your thoughts. We're still staring at the vent and in the ICU portion of the NICU so we're not back to normal just yet. But we're on the right path.