Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, Robbie has finally gained some weight. He broke 10 pounds this week.

Our pediatrician has us adding olive oil to his food and feeding him solids as often as 3 times a day.

The olive oil looks disgusting but so far Robbie seems to tolerate it well. Fats are good for baby's brains, so it's not quite as awful as it sounds.

Unfortunately the feedings are about the same. If I'm really, really lucky I get 2 good bottles a day. The rest vary from almost nothing to an ounce.

The worst at this point is at night. He'll eat an ounce or less and then refuse more. Of course, he's then hungry an hour and a half later and wakes up crying. Takes another half ounce maybe an ounce and we start over again. This doesn't lead to much sleep for me.

He is gaining, so that's something, but it's such a battle to get there and I'm just not sure how long we can live like this.

As much as you hate to wish this on anyone else, it is sometimes good to know we're not alone. One of Robbie's NICU friends is going through the same thing. Lexi's mom made a post describing a feeding that sums it up all too well. Check it out here.

Other than that, he's about the same. Talking more and more, using his hands more and more. Still hates tummy time with all the fire he can muster so he still won't roll over.

If it weren't for the feeding woes, life would be great. Really, he's beautiful and sweet and funny.. he just won't eat. Unfortunately eating is the the most basic thing a baby needs to do so much of our time is spent in frustration in worry instead of playtime and joy.

Please keep praying that things turn around soon.



Puppyface Creations said...

I admire your courage and fortitude. ...and Robbie is ADORABLE!

Love to you all,

Connie (Lisa's mom)

Mary Tompkins said...

I hope Robbie's problem gets resolved. He's a beautiful baby and you are good loving parents. I will ask my church family to pray for all of you.