Saturday, February 14, 2009


We've been back at home since Monday.

The week has been very hectic, sorry for no update.

On Monday morning, our Dr. GI asked if I would reconsider going home and I finally agreed. That day I got a lesson on placing an NG tube and a bunch of medical equipment delivered.

We got home that night at 8.

Robbie, of course, pulled his NG tube out in the car, so I had to put a new one in as soon as we got home. I won't lie- it was awful.

They sent us with a different kind of tube than what I learned on and it was a lot harder than expected. I think I cried more than he did.

The week has gone okay. We seem to have a better day and then a not as great one. Overall, he's eating better, but still not up to where it should be. The doctor said on Monday that she hoped that maybe in 10 days he'd get up to better eating. That was 5 days ago. Let's hope the next 5 days show marked improvement.



happymomof2 said...

HAPPY belated Valentine's Day!!!!