Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hospitalized again

Well, we're in the hospital.

The new formula didn't work. (He wouldn't eat it.)

When I spoke to the pediatrician, she wanted to consult with the GI doc.

We already had a GI appointment set for Wednesday. Dr. P told us to pack a bag.

I'm glad she warned us because that's what happened.

He only gained 5oz in 28 days. (He should gain that in a week.)

So we've been admitted.

The hospital isn't fun. It's very, very late here so I'm not going to go into too much, but he now has an NG tube (feeding tube up the nose) and an IV.

His labs came back showing that his hemoglobin was very low. He's now in the midst of a blood transfusion.

He's on IV Pepcid. That's the strongest stomach medicine they can give him. Now we just wait and see.

They're asking that he take 2oz every 3 hours. What he won't eat they feed through the tube. So far the most he's taken was about half that.

They said the stomach meds usually take about 24 hours to really kick in, so we hope that tomorrow things improve.

We're not sure how long we'll be here or what else they have in store.

Wish us luck and pray for us.



Alexis Bunch said...

So sorry to hear that. We will wish and pray that they find some answers. We're thinking about you...hang in there.