Monday, February 1, 2010

January Videos

January was a very eventful month around here.

Of course, there were the tubes at the beginning of the month. And then he eased closer and closer to walking. Finally last Monday (1/25) I officially declared him a walker.

See for yourself:

Robbie also has acquired a few new words. The clearest of these is "hi!" He doesn't say it a lot, but usually greets me with it when I get him out of the car at daycare.
I present 19 seconds of me trying to open the door, 1 second of "hi!"

He's also learned a few things I don't have video of, including knowing where his eyes, nose, hair, belly & feet are. He can now tell us what a monkey and kitty can say. ("ah ah" and "yeah" respectively.)

This last weekend, we visited his grandma Cox at her house and he discovered the joy of a light switch.

He's still loving music and really anything electronic. We've decided he needs a few more non-electronic toys because he thinks EVERYTHING has a button. Give him a doll and he'll push its nose trying to figure out how to make it work.

Give him something which requires hitting buttons for music and he's in heaven.

He was enjoying singing "row, row, row your boat" last month. This month he's moved up in the world with "Witch Doctor"

It's been a fun month, for sure. Tomorrow I'll try to catch up on pictures as well!


P.S. Robbie has had a yucky cold for more than a week now and the cough is rough again. He also has another double ear infection despite the tubes. We could use some good health prayers!


Laura Varley said...

Yeah!!! Robbie you are on the move!