Friday, February 19, 2010


Robbie seems to be completely recovered from his visit from Roseola, which is a relief. It seems healthy days are few and far between this winter, though we certainly count our blessings that things haven't been worse. We still quiver at the thought of something more serious, particularly RSV. RSV is a very common virus that nearly all children get before the age of 2. For most, it's a fairly minor cold, but for those with compromised lung function, it can be much more serious.

One of Robbie's NICU friends is recovering from a very scary fight with RSV. She's now off the vent, but could still use some prayers that her recovery continues and she can go home from the hospital soon. We've been praying for them and counting our blessings that Robbie was approved for Synagis shots for a second year.

It's pretty uncommon to get a child approved for a second season as they're very, very expensive (upwards of $1500 per shot, and at Robbie's size, he requires 2 each month) so the insurance company balks at approving them in most circumstances. We were blessed to have Dr. P on our side. Synagis is an injectable medicine which helps fight RSV. It's not a vaccine- he could still contract RSV- but it bonds with the proteins of the virus to keep it from replicating as quickly, allowing the body time to fight back. It has been show to reduce hospitalizations by 50%. With Robbie's history of wheezing with every sniffle, something like RSV could be deadly. RSV is one of those terms that makes every preemie mom's stomach churn a little.

The shots are given once a month for the duration of RSV season (November-April around here.) Robbie should have gotten his last weekend but because of his Roseola fever, he couldn't. So we'll be getting make-up shots tomorrow. Shh.. Don't tell Robbie.

Giving Daddy a very aggressive hug.

Thanks for the straw, Mom.

Enjoying what Daddy calls a "Cracker Buffet."