Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On the mend

Since the night nurse said Robbie was contagious as long as he had the rash, I stayed home with him today. I was always under the impression that Roseola was only contagious as long as he had a fever, so I called the pediatrician today to clarify.

When she called back, I told her what had happened (3 days of high fever, then a day of completely fine, then a rash) and that I was 99% sure he had Roseola. She interrupted to agree- "Oh, I guarantee it's Roseola. That's a classic presentation." Then I asked about the contagious period and she confirmed I was correct. He was only contagious as long as he had a fever. So he'd been fine as of Sunday night.

That was a bit of a relief on a few levels. First, I could go back to work (I only have so much PTO!) and second, I'd sent Robbie to daycare on Tuesday. As luck would have it, he was actually the only kid at daycare on Tuesday, so he wouldn't have exposed any of them anyway, but I did worry that he'd spread it anyway. I know Roseola is fairly minor, but I'm not one to purposely spread germs.

So Robbie and I spent the day together. He actually slept very late this morning, allowing me to catch up on some sleep and was pretty much back to his usual self today. Instead of laying around on me doing nothing except watching cartoons, he actually played with his toys and we wrestled and had a good time. It was nice to see him up and around.

The rash also seems to have cleared as well. Dr. P did say it usually only lasts a day or two. As usual, she was right. As of bedtime tonight, I didn't see anything left.

So I think we've survived another illness. And this one didn't even require breathing treatments. Go Rob!

A serious case of bedhead

Beep Beep, coming through!

Determined to reach a kitty

Enjoying a chocolate graham cracker (the only food we have found that he really loves)

I'm such a big boy that Mommy let me have my own pillow. G'night!



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